image Hotels
The show hosts have agreements with three hotels. The main show hotel is the Texican Court Hotel (Link Here). It is brand new and is directly across the street from the show site, the Irving Convention Center.
The second hotel is the Westin Irving Convention Center (Link Here). It also is brand new and across the street from the show site.
The third hotel is the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Irving Convention Center-Los Colinas (Link Here). This hotel is not within walking distance to the show site but offers a free shuttle and free hotel parking.
image Copyrights
The design of the show patches, badges and insignia has been trademarked and the show holds a copyright on the design. Please do not use without permission of the show. Any use of these designs without permission will result in violators at the show being removed and not permitted for re-entry.
image Donations
Donations will be solicited and presented to Police Honor Guards and other worthy recipients. If you'd like to make a donation in any amount prior to the show, please used the "Payments" page accessible from the site's menu.
image Badge On Ebay
The official show badge of the 2019 National Police Show can be purchased from the show sponsors on Ebay. CLICK HERE to go to the Ebay ad page.
image Rules
Show Rules will soon be posted here. Show Rules will soon be posted here. Show Rules will soon be posted here.